The Order of St. Anthony the Great

As the members of our Order are encouraged to be active within their own parishes and religious communities, we are asked on occasion to preach during services.  As our members are offered that privilege, we will be posting those sermons here.  (Now, if we could figure out how to get audio files up on the site, then we'll really be in business!)   Additionally, many of our members journal extensively as part of their contempaltive practice, so this corner of our online Abbey will also be a place to share those musings. 

The Order's Lessons Blog:

 You can follow the online lessons provided by our Order here: Order of Saint Anthony's Blog

Brother Kenneth's Blog:

 Brother Kenneth's online journal and sermons can be found here: Contemplative Musings

Brother Maurice's Blog:

Vox Populi, Vox Dei

Permaculture Garden Blog:

Something Called Alleluia